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10 Best Neurology Residency Programs


All over the world medical students looking for great residency programs, since it will help in achieving their goals and dreams. So if your goal is finding the best program to apply for, make sure to choose the best one from the list below and prepare a strong neurology personal statement to win a place. We are prepared a list of top programs you might be interested in.

Top Neurology Residency Programs

  • Stanford University: The neurology residency program of the university was designed in preparing students to have a great career. The program is offering a broad clinical experience that will help students in developing their clinical skills together with long term career goals.
  • Georgetown University: The program is offering residency program superb training for students. The school is offering a wide variety of clinical venues and exposure to wonderful clinicians, researchers, educators and training in preparing students to become excellent physician.
  • Boston University: Neurology residency program of the university is affiliated with University of school of medicine at Boston medical center. The school is a good choice if you want to take up neurology.
  • Johns Hopkins University: The school is offering a highly rewarding career for students because they have dedicated faculty. They have active faculty that helps students in achieving only the best. The school has the commitment in offering great neurology residency program with a curriculum that meets national standards.
  • University of Minnesota: The neurology residency program of the university helps students to be prepared in the career they choose. The program is offering wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences that enrich students personally and professionally.

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  • UC Davis: The mission of the residency program of the school is to train students and help them achieve their ultimate career goals. They have diverse training allowing students in becoming a clinician scientist, primary care physician, clinician educator and hospitalist.
  • Tulane University: The residency program of the school has the combination of patient diversity, innovation, career advancement and research excellence. Because of their offer, the university is one of the top tier training programs in the nation.
  • UIC: The goal of the program is to train resident to become competent in practicing neurology and be prepared for a career pathway in neurology which include hospital-based medicine.
  • University of Illinois: The residency program of the school trains resident and help them to become great clinicians. Students will experience hands on training.
  • UMPC: The program is offering a unique training experience and it prepares students to have a successful career in medicine.
  • University of Michigan: Students will explore lots of learning and educational opportunities in the school. The university program is committed in the development of students to become a neurologist.

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Choose one of the best neurology residency programs and we will help you to get inrolled!